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The validity of this certificate will be 2 years old
Price: 66.30€ VAT included

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Why Global Asesores Ibiza?
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All the staff of our company enjoy a high academic training

Personalized Attention
We put all our senses in direct and personalized treatment with the client.

Many years of effort, commitment, dedication and professionalism that have their reward

Why Global Asesores ?
We are a team, building great projects. We know how to work as a team

Services to companies of Global Asesores

Tax and Labor Consulting in Ibiza

We offer permanent tax advice (in person, by phone, email, video conference). Preparation of tax declarations and management of all taxes that accrue in the development of business and personal activity: Personal Income Tax, Heritage, Declaration of Assets abroad, Corporation Tax, Payments on account and withholdings, VAT, annual declarations.

Planas & Partners Brokerage

General insurances

Auto Insurance, Home, Life (Risk and Savings), Health, Communities, Businesses, SMEs, Deaths, Travel

At Global Asesores through a collaboration agreement with Correduría Planas & Partners , we work to make competitive offers in the insurance market available to you, as well as to provide you with competitive prices. as exclusive products of the main entities in the sector: GENERALI, SANITAS, SANTALUCIA, MAPFRE, ALLIANZ, ADESLAS, LIBERTY, ZURICH, AXA, CATALANA OCCIDENTE, DKV, FIATC, etc.

Our objective is efficiency when selecting the best offer, which covers the needs and improves the current price offering the same guarantees; through the Correduría Planas & Partners, allows us to make real-time quotes for Auto, Home, Life (Risk and Savings), Health, Communities, Businesses, SMEs, Death, Travel insurance, etc.

How do we do it? Presenting various offers, advising and guiding on the advantages and differences from one budget to another, so that you are the ones who decide where you want to take out the insurance.
Insisting in this area that professionalism and personal treatment is our main value. Advising from the presentation of the budget, issuance of the insurance, opening and follow-up of the claim.

To request or expand information, you can send an email to or whatsapp to 638664366.

News 2023 for self-employed and pymes

New self-employed quotas 2023

Last August, the new self-employed law was approved in the Congress of Deputies, the result of an agreement with the representative associations of the group at the end of July. The decree had 260 votes in favor, 64 against and 25 abstentions.
From Global Asesores we advance how the self-employed quotas are in 2023 and subsequent years; how the current net income of the activity is calculated and on what dates it is possible to change the tranche of net income

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Hacienda will allow debts of up to 50,000 euros to be divided and deferred without giving explanations

The self-employed, SMEs and small taxpayers will not have to provide guarantees or endorsements
Miercoles 4 de abril 2023 Fuente:
El departamento de recaudación de la Agencia Tributaria ha decidido elevar de 30.000 a 50.000 euros el límite exento de la obligación de aportar garantías en las solicitudes de aplazamiento o fraccionamiento de las deudas tributarias . De esta forma, se podrá retrasar o fragmentar el pago de deudas de hasta 50.000 euros sin tener que ....
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The validity of this certificate will be 2 years old
Price: 66.30€ VAT included

Miercoles 4 de abril 2023

Para la obtención del certificado digital existen dos opciones:

  1. Pedir cita en AEAT y acudir el día y hora solicitado.
    Se deberá llevar el DNI (original) y el código de la FNMT que le daremos desde nuestra oficina
    La validez de este certificado será de 4 años.Precio: 36,30€ IVA incluido
  2. Sin desplazamientos, sólo tiene que pasarnos:

    •  Foto selfie: tiene que verse la cara y el DNI debajo de la barbilla.

    •  Foto anverso DNI

    •  Foto reverso DNI

    Con estos datos solicitaremos su certificado UANATACA a través del Cole....

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