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The validity of this certificate will be 2 years old
Price: 66.30€ VAT included

There are two options to obtain the digital certificate:

  1. Make an appointment at AEAT and come on the day and time requested.
    It should be bring the DNI (original) and the FNMT code that we will give you from our office
    The validity of this certificate will be 4 years. Price: 36.30€ VAT included
  2. No scrolling, just pass us:

    •  Selfie photo: you have to see your face and ID under your chin.

    •  DNI front photo

    •  DNI back photo

    With this information we will request your UANATACA certificate through the College of Economists.

    The validity of this certificate shall be 2 years. Price: 66.30€ VAT included .

    We will request your UANATACA certificate through the College of Economists.

Hacienda will allow debts of up to 50,000 euros to be divided and deferred without giving explanations

The self-employed, SMEs and small taxpayers will not have to provide guarantees or endorsements

Fuente: elpais.com
The collection department of the Tax Agency has decided to raise from 30,000 to 50,000 euros the limit exempt from the obligation to provide guarantees in requests for deferral or installment of tax debts. In this way, the payment of debts of up to 50,000 euros can be delayed or fragmented without having to give any explanation and without having the obligation to provide guarantees or guarantees to the treasury.


How can you get it? Through our advice you can get it in a maximum time of three days

In order to work in Spain, every citizen is obliged to obtain a social security affiliation number prior to applying for affiliation and registering in any of its schemes, regardless of whether they work as an employee or self-employed.
How can you get it? Through our advice you can get it in a maximum time of three days.
The documentation that you must provide is the following:

  • DNI or NIE (EU countries and annexes or special permits).
  • Passport (for people who have NIE)
  • Father's name
  • Mother's name
  • Address in Ibiza
  • Email address
  • Mobile phone number

According to requirements, you will have to fill out a form that you must send us signed in order to process it. The price of the service is €30.25 VAT included.

New telephone number for Travel Assistance Liberty Seguros

Liberty Seguros

We continue working to give you and your customers the best service. For this reason, we are pleased to inform you that ARAG is the new provider of Accident Travel Assistance and Life Repatriation coverage. ARAG is a company with a lot of experience in the sector and will be a magnificent partner.


New self-employed quotas 2023

News 2023 for self-employers and pymes

Last August, the bill was approved. The new self-employed law was approved in the Congress of Deputies , the result of an agreement with the representative associations of the collective at the end of July . The decree counted with 260 votes in favor, 64 against and 25 abstentions.<br>

From Global Asesores we will tell you how the self-employed quotas look in 2023 and later years; How is the current net return of the activity calculated and in what way? dates it is possible to change the tranche of net returns

Calculation of net return

To calculate the annual net return of the activity:

·        Deductible expenses must be subtracted from income.

·        To the resulting amount must be added all contributions paid to Social Security during the financial year.

·        Once the figure is obtained, it is divided by 12 and the result is the monthly net income for which they must contribute.

·        If it is an individual, 7% can be subtracted.

·        In the case of administrators of capital companies and working partners of labor companies, the subtraction will be paid. 3%, provided that 90 days have been registered in the RETA.

Communication of forecast actual income

When the calculation is made, the self-employed person must make the calculation. You can enter your income in the ImportaSS portal and the Social Security will inform you of the amount. based on the corresponding contribution and the quota that must be paid. to pay, the amount of the quota and the day that the payment will be made. effective the collection.

Change of sections every two months

With the new contribution system, the self-employed will be able to change the tranche of net income every two months. A procedure that can be carried out through ImportaSS, on the following dates:

·        March 1: if the request is made between January 1 and February 28/29.

·        May 1: if the request is made between March 1 and April 30.

·        July 1: if the request is made between May 1 and June 30.

·        September 1: if the request is made between July 1 and August 31.

·        November 1: if the request is made between September 1 and October 31.

·        January 1 of the following year: if the request is made between November 1 and December 31.

This novelty will allow them to learn more. more faithfully adapt the operation of your business to the payment of your dues.

Self-employed who quoted for a higher base

·        If the self-employed worker was contributing for a higher base than he should before 2022, they will be able to choose between the minimum or the maximum fee collected by the new system.

Income Presentation

With the new real income contribution system, all self-employed workers are required to submit the INCOME statement.

Regulation the following year

Social Security will review your claim. The following year will determine whether or not the self-employed worker has met the income forecast made.

·        If they were overpriced, the excess would be returned to you.

·        If they had underfunded, the self-employed must pay Social Security.

Quotation return period

·        The self-employed will have two months to return unpaid contributions to Social Security.

·        The Administration has four months to return the overpriced amount to the self-employed.

We process your NIE

We open a new NIE processing department

At Global Asesores Ibiza, with the aim of offering professional solutions to our clients, we have a NIE PROCESSING DEPARTMENT FOR EU CITIZENS, which allows the applicant to obtain their NIE within 15-20 days, without any displacement, they only have to go to a Notary before coming to our offices. From here we will take care of everything.

The cost of the service is €150.00, taxes included.

We remind you that obtaining the NIE is mandatory for any professional or business relationship (company formation), employment (employment contract) and sale carried out by a Non-Resident in Spain.

For any questions or clarification, contact our offices at the address indicated above, by e-mail or by WhatsApp.


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