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"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success." -Henry Ford
Choose Global Asesores, Together we can do great things…
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit." - ARISTOTLE We have a high academic qualification, increased through training and continuous work
"Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, working together is success." -Henry Ford
Choose Global Asesores, Together we can do great things…

Employment Advice

The efficiency of our professionals, lawyers, social graduates, RRLL experts and our labor and commercial department, provides practical and easy-to-apply solutions, avoiding conflicts and keeping your documentation constantly up to date correctly. Our goal is to respond to all the problems and situations that occur in the workplace. In addition to the preparation of payroll, social security, calculation of liquidations and settlements, and the processing of registration and cancellation parts, we believe that an adequate policy and planning at the labor level is absolutely essential in any company, contemplating the various possibilities recruitment, employment regulation files, etc.

  •  Pay slips and contribution bulletins.
  • Contracts and extensions.
  • Labor inspections.
  • Legal advice and defense

  • Tax Consulting

  •  Permanent tax advice (in person, by telephone, email, video conference).
  •  Preparation of tax declarations and management of all taxes that accrue in the development of business and personal activity: personal income tax, wealth, declaration of assets abroad, corporation tax, payments on account and withholdings, VAT, annual declarations.
  •  Calculation and preparation of taxation by modules.
  •  Intervention in the management and collection procedures derived from taxes. Request for postponement and fractioning of tax debts. Incidents of suspension of execution of tax debts.
  •  Notification Management.
  •  Tax planning. Tax management of assets and tax advice on real estate investments.
  •  Tax and accounting advice in the processes of creation, extinction, acquisition, mergers, contributions of the branch of activity and other corporate restructuring.
  •  Tax advice and processing in hereditary processes.
  •  Advice in the case of succession of the family business.
  •  Liquidation of the Tax on Patrimonial Transfers, Corporate Operations and Documented Legal Acts.
  •  Taxation of non-residents.

  • Accounting Consulting

  • Accounting advice and internal organization of documentation and accounting records.
  • Coordination with the internal administrative services of the company.
  • Advice on the treatment and archiving of documents.
  • Receipt of the original and copy of the invoices.
  • Accounting treatment of documentation that includes accounting facts.
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Preparation and presentation of accounting books before the Mercantile Registry
  • Permanent accounting advice (in person, by phone, email) to the accounting departments of the company.

  • Business Creation and Management

    At Global Asesores Ibiza, we advise you from all areas (fiscal, labor, commercial, etc.) of the different legal options that you can choose to create your company.

    We help you choose the best option for your business, analyzing all the points of view that affect the company and advising you on the best legal form for your company.

    We take care of all the procedures in the creation and start-up of your company:
  • Incorporation of companies and joint ventures
  • ITP settlement, commercial registry and registration in the AEAT census
  • Registration in social security
  • Receipt of the original and copy of the invoices.
  • Necessary procedures for the start-up of your company.
  • General Insurance so that your company is covered from all kinds of responsibilities through our brokerage

  • Commercial Area

  • Commercial Advice.
  • Call and preparation of the Ordinary General Shareholders' Meeting.
  • Preparation and presentation of Annual Accounts.
  • Preparation, preparation and approval of Annual Accounts.
  • Preparation of deeds for capital increases, modification of bylaws, etc.
  • Lease Agreements

  • Administrative Transactions

    Real State

    In our aim to offer professional solutions to our clients, we have created since 2009 the firm GLOBAL IBIZA INNMOBILIARIA. A firm dedicated to real estate consultancy in its broadest sense.
    • Intermediation in real estate sales and purchases.
    • Leasing.
    • Legal and fiscal advice on real estate operations.
    • Guarding and management service of your real estate property.
    • Rental management.
    • Drafting and advising on lease contracts. The real estate firm GLOBAL IBIZA INMOBILIARIA, has its own web page:

    We differentiate ourselves by the professional tax and legal advice we offer our clients.

    General Insurances

    At Global Asesores through a collaboration agreement with Correduría Planas & Partners , we work to make competitive offers in the insurance market available to you, as well as to provide you with competitive prices. as exclusive products of the main entities in the sector: GENERALI, SANITAS, SANTALUCIA, MAPFRE, ALLIANZ, ADESLAS, LIBERTY, ZURICH, AXA, CATALANA OCCIDENTE, DKV, FIATC, etc.

    Our objective is efficiency when selecting the best offer, which covers the needs and improves the current price offering the same guarantees; through the Correduría Planas & Partners, allows us to make real-time quotes for Auto, Home, Life (Risk and Savings), Health, Communities, Businesses, SMEs, Death, Travel insurance, etc.

    How do we do it? Presenting several offers, advising and guiding on the advantages and differences from one budget to another, so that you are the ones who decide where you want to take out the insurance.
    Insisting in this area that professionalism and personal treatment is our main value. Advising from the presentation of the budget, issuance of the insurance, opening and follow-up of the claim.

    To request or expand information, you can send an email to or whatsapp to 638664366.

    Antoni Riquer, 48 Bajos
    07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany - Ibiza
    Tel. +34 971 80 48 94
    Whatsapp: 638664366
    Public service hours
    Mornings 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

    Will be attended by appointment
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